11 Best Hanging Closet Organization Ideas

Closet Organizers

Maximize your hanging space with these hanging closet organizers! I like having as much as possible hanging up so that it easy to see and reach for. These hanging closet organization ideas may inspire you to organize your closet space.

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Hanging Clothes Organizers

When considering organizing your closet maximize your clothes storage first. This will help you determine how much room you have left. Here are the best hanging clothes organizers that will double your space.

1. Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers to help streamline your hanging closet organization.

Velvet Hangers! Matching hangers most importantly. I know it really doesn’t seem like much but if you want to have a clean organized look in your closet then matching hangers is a must!

I recommend velvet hangers as they are thin and nonslip. Over the last few years, I converted to all velvet hangers, and it has made a huge difference. Since they are slimmer, I do feel like it has saved a lot of space. Also, with the velvet being nonslip my clothes actually stay on the hanger.

2. Layered Pant Hangers

Tiered pant hangers to maximize your vertical space.

A great way to add some extra space for your pants is layered hanger. There are a variety of styles, but I think the ones that you can hang straight as an option is extra helpful. You can hang both ends to sort and store your pants then take one end off the rack to create vertical storage.

3. Leggings Hangers

Vertical hanging leggings holder for up to 24 leggings to help maximize your closet space.

Another great option for pants hanging is this legging holder. This really maximizes the vertical space by holding 24 pairs of leggings! The clear slots help you be able to see what you have so it’s easy to grab.

4. Layered Shirt Hangers

Tiered shirt hanger to help with your hanging closet organization.

You can also get a layered hanger for shirts! I find this most helpful when I keep my shirts in categories. This is because if you wanted to spread them out a little by hanging the second hook to maybe see a little better the type you are looking for. Not that it’s too hard to find when it’s in the layered position.

5. Tank or Sports Bra Hanger

Tank top hangers to optimize hanging storage for tank tops or sport bras.

These tank top hangers would be great for tanks or sports bras. You could even hang your bras if you need the space as well.

6. Double Hanging Space Hanging Rod

Double hanging rod to add to your existing closet storage.

Easily create some double hanging space with an adjustable hanging rod. I like this option because it is actually adjustable, so you had some flexibility to customize the hanging height. For instance, maybe sports bras on top with pants on the bottom.

7. Hanging Storage Shelves

Sweater Hanger. Shelves you hang in your closet to store sweaters, purses, or more.

This is an option that kind of doubles as hanging and shelf space. Some items you just don’t want hang but maybe also do not want to put in a drawer.

An example of something I wouldn’t typically hang is sweaters. If you want them easy to see and reach and have the space, try this hanging shelf. This could also be a good option for purses or hats.

Hanging Accessories Organizers

Clothes are not the only thing we need to worry about in our closets. Accessories such as belts, hats, and scarves also need their space. These hanging accessories organizers should help you optimize storage for these items.

8. A Belt Hanger

Organizer ring for belts, hats, or purses.

A belt hanger is great for containing all of your belts. Something like this ring hanger can also be used for some hats and purses as well.

9. Purse Hangers

Hanging organization for purses.

A Purse Hanger can also help you maximize your space. One like this one gives you the option to utilize your vertical space by adding as many links are you need to keep your purses together.

10. Bra Hangers

Bra hangers that will prevent straps from stretching.

Hang your bra’s without stretching the straps with these bra pocket organizers. This may also be a good idea for scarves!

11: Scarf Hangers

Scarf and tie hanger.

Hang your scarves or ties with a ringed hanger that allows you to see exactly what you have.

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I hope these hanging closet organization ideas inspire you to save some space! Share if any of these have worked for you! Click here to shop these ideas and more!

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