Makeup Organization Ideas: Conquer The Clutter

Organizing your make up can really be a challenge. In this guide, you will find makeup organization ideas to help you transform your jumbled mess of beauty products into a well-organized, Instagram-worthy haven!

Assessing You Makeup Collection

First things first, you need to really assess what you have in your make up collection. In order to organize successfully you need to purge and sort so you can get a full picture of what you need to organize.


Starting with the purge, it’s time to take a good hard look at your makeup stash. Evaluate each item with a critical eye.

Get rid of anything that is past its expiration date. Expired make up can breakdown over time or hold bacteria causing break outs or infections.

Toss or donate (if unopened) anything you know just isn’t something you are going to use. For example. I have a variety of blush products that I just don’t really use. If its something you use on special occasions maybe just keep one.

Sort and Categorize

Now that you’ve separated the expired products from the gems, it’s time to sort and categorize.

Group your products together. Depending on how much you have of each I like to do categories like face, eyes, and lips. If you have more you may want to drill down even further to foundations, concealers, and blush.

Choosing Storage Solutions

There’s an organizational process out there that will work for you! Look at your space and decide, do you have enough counter space? If not, do you have wall space or space behind the door?

Take a look at these ideas and see if one or more may work for you.

On The Counter

If you are lucky enough to have the counter space then these items will really help you maximize and contain your beauty products. I do enjoy having my most used items right up front and easy grab. This makes getting ready a much simpler process.

Skull Makeup Brush Holder

skull makeup brush holder

Add a touch of uniqueness with this skull make up brush holder. I love this unique look to not only keep your make up brushes contained but to add a bit of extra decor to the space.

Makeup Brush Holder

makeup brush holder

Another great option is this make up brush holder. What I like about this is that it has a cover to keep dust off of you brushes.

This is extra useful if you are setting up your make up space in the bathroom to keep the germs off of your brushes and then off of your skin.

360 Makeup Organizer

360 makeup organizer

A great way to maximize space is to get a 360 makeup organizer. Something like this can really contain all of your essentials, including your skin care.

Look for one like this that has adjustable shelves. This will allow you to change things up and customize it to work for your products. As we all know, products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, having the flexibility will help you optimize your space.

Makeup Lazy Susan

lazy susan for makeup

Another simple option is to get a makeup lazy susan. A stacked look like this one will help you can easily see the products. I also, think it helps the products look nice and more organized.

Makeup Storage Container

Makeup organization ideas

Counter top makeup storage containers are great to store products in a more vertical way. This helps hide maybe some items that you don’t want on display but may still need in easy reach.

This one also has a cover to help keep your products clean and together.

Mirrored Makeup Organizer

mirrored makeup organizer

Looking for a mirrored make up organizer can be help full if your space doesn’t have an easy to see mirror. A two in one organizer like this can help you get closer to your mirror so you can get a close up of that eyeliner wing you are trying out.

In The Drawer

If you can sacrifice a bit of drawer space, keeping make up in a drawer is an easy way to keep it organized, safe, and minimize visual clutter.

Makeup Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizers for makeup

When organizing makeup in a drawer, makeup drawer organizers are a must have. Find organizers that fit your needs.

Measure the drawer, including the depth and get the best fit. Make sure you also measure the pieces you need to organize. For example, measure your longest make up brush and make sure you get a container that will work for that brush.

Makeup Drawer Organizers for Deeper Drawers

Organizers for deep drawers

If you have deeper drawers you can take advantage of the space by getting either stackable make up organizers or organizers for deep drawers.

In this case you may be able to stand up some of your products more, so you may want taller sides on your organizers to help keep them standing.

On The Wall

Sometimes there just isn’t enough counter or drawer space. So what do you look at next? Wall space!

Wall makeup organizers can really help you take advantage of that vertical space while keeping your counter space clutter free.

Wall Makeup Organizer

wall shelf organizer for makeup

There are a variety of wall shelves out there that could work. One thing I recommend looking for is a makeup wall organizer that has some sort of edge or bar that will help keep your bottles from tipping. Make up products are typically very breakable, so this will help protect them.

Getting individual shelves can allow you to custom heights or stagger them to fit your space and design.

Wall Shelf Makeup Organizer

Wall shelf organizer for makeup

Another option is a wall shelf organizer like this one that has little drawers and shelves. This may be nice in a smaller space as its more compact. Bonus, its cute and decorative.

Over The Door Makeup Organizer

When it comes to optimizing storage options for makeup, one often overlooked area holds tremendous potential: the space behind or over the door.

Whether you have a compact bedroom, a limited vanity area, or simply want to make the most of every inch of your living space, utilizing the back of your door can prove to be a game-changer.

It can be clever and efficient solution designed to maximize space while keeping your beauty essentials easily accessible.

Over the Door Mirror Makeup Organizer

Over the door mirror organizer for makeup

An over the door mirror organizer can work really well for your make up essentials. I love anything that is multiple purpose and hides clutter.

These come in many styles, I have one that I used specifically for Jewelry and nail polish. However, one like this has the mirror inside and the variety of shelves can be super useful for make up also.

Over The Door Organizer

Makeup Pocket Over the Door Organizer

Another over the door options is a pocket organizer. These are great if you have larger bottles or need a little more space than the mirror organizer can provide.

This may also be useful in a bathroom as its mesh and you can store back up bottles of lotion or shampoo as well.

Additional Creative Solutions

If you are still struggling to find a space try the below ideas. These ideas are a bit more portable and flexible.

Makeup Organizer On Wheels

Makeup Rollcart

Sometimes you may need to get a little more creative. A makeup organizer on wheels is a great option. Even if you have the space. Being able to take your make from the bedroom to the bathroom or where you need can be helpful.

Make Up Storage Case

Makeup Organization Case

A Make up storage case can be a good idea if you need to store in a closet or shelf. It will help keep everything organized, while still being easy to pull out and use when needed.

Packing Makeup For Travel

If you are a frequent traveler, invest in travel-sized containers and portable makeup bags. These will help you easily find and use your makeup while on the go.

Travel Makeup Case

Packing Makeup for Travel

A travel make up case can make a huge difference when traveling. I am really bad at spreading my makeup on a hotel counter. It gets messy really quick.

This make up case has saved me so much stress. I can just put it on the counter when i need to use it. Put my supplies back when done and easily tuck it away.

It also doubles as a nice overnight bag if you just need a few things like skin care, toothbrush, and basic makeup.

Hanging Makeup Case

Travel Makeup Case

A hanging make up organizer can be very helpful when traveling also. This is great if you don’t have the counter space at your hotel. It can hang on a towel hook or in the closet for quick and easy access.

Implementing an Organizational System

Time to put those dividers and containers to good use. Allocate designated areas for each category of makeup and label them.

I will typically have an area of most used items and then organize the back up or less often used items in an organized drawer. This is a balance I prefer to have what I need in easy reach but also the option if I want to easily grab an addition to my normal routine.

And remember, the key to a successful organizational system is consistency. Make it a habit to return those brushes to their makeup brush holder and lipsticks to their designated drawer.

Maintaining and Updating

Your makeup collection deserves regular TLC. Clean and sanitize your products and storage containers regularly. Continue to discard those expired items. Reassess your collection periodically and adapt it to your evolving needs and style.

Implementing effective makeup organization ideas not only brings order and tidiness to your beauty space but also enhances your overall makeup experience.

By adopting creative storage solutions, decluttering techniques, and thoughtful organization systems, you can say goodbye to the frustration of searching for specific products and welcome a sense of calm and efficiency into your daily routine.

Remember to personalize your organization methods to suit your unique collection and preferences, allowing your makeup storage to reflect your individual style and personality. So, embark on this journey of organization and enjoy the benefits of a beautifully arranged makeup sanctuary, where your beauty essentials are not just stored, but celebrated.

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