Keeping House Clean While Working Full Time

With the demands of a full-time job, it can often feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to maintain a clean and organized home.

From piles of laundry to dirty dishes and cluttered countertops, it’s easy for household chores to pile up and become overwhelming.

However, with some strategic planning and simple habits, it is possible to keep your house clean while working full time.

In this article, we will explore practical tips and effective strategies that will help you strike a balance between work responsibilities and maintaining a tidy living space.

Whether you’re a busy professional or simply someone looking for ways to stay on top of household tasks, these insights will be valuable in creating an organized home environment without sacrificing your career success.

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Create a Realistic Cleaning Schedule

Consistency is key, so create a cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Creating a realistic cleaning schedule starts with acknowledging your busy lifestyle and setting achievable goals.

Forget those overwhelming Pinterest-worthy charts that seem more like a punishment than a plan.

Instead, consider your daily routine, work hours, and personal commitments to carve out pockets of time for cleaning.

Maybe it’s a quick tidy-up session before leaving for work or dedicating an hour on weekends to tackle specific tasks.

By breaking down cleaning chores into manageable chunks and assigning them to specific days, you’ll avoid feeling like you’re running a never-ending marathon.

For details on how to make a schedule that works for you, read “Create A Weekly Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick To.”


Regularly declutter your home to prevent items from accumulating and becoming overwhelming. Donate or discard items you no longer need or use, and keep surfaces clear of unnecessary items to maintain a clean and organized look.

Maintaining a clutter-free environment not only promotes tidiness but also saves valuable cleaning hours. Set aside dedicated intervals to declutter different areas of your home or workspace regularly. Dispose of unnecessary items, organize paperwork, and find suitable storage solutions to keep things in order.

Decluttering strategies to prevent accumulation of mess and clutter

Read ‘A Complete Guide for Organizing Your Home’ to help you with the the decluttering and organization process.

Build ‘Habits’ and ‘Routines’ for a consistently tidy home

Building habits and routines is the key to maintaining a consistently tidy home, even with a full-time job. By integrating cleaning and organizing into your daily life, you’ll find that keeping your living space neat becomes almost second nature.

Here are some essential points and practical tips to help you build habits and routines for a consistently tidy home:

Start Small: One or Two Simple Cleaning Habits At a Time.

It takes time to build up a habit, and its easy to get overwhelmed. Begin by establishing one or two simple habits, such as making your bed every morning or doing a quick evening tidy-up before going to bed.

Small wins will motivate you to add more habits over time.

Clean As You Go

Embrace the mantra of “clean as you go.”

Incorporate little tidying tasks into your daily routine, like washing dishes immediately after use, putting clothes back in the closet, or wiping down kitchen counters after cooking.

These small efforts add up and keep your home looking tidy.

One Touch Rule

Try to focus on if you already have it in your hand just put it where it needs to go. Don’t move it to the next place.

Common items we tend to do this with is dishes and mail.

Dishes put in the dishwasher right away or do a quick wash and rinse.

Mail items open, throw away the junk and file the mail where it needs to be. If it’s something that can’t be addressed immediately create a sort of inbox so that you have an organized place for items you need to take action.

Daily 15-Minute Tidy-Up

Dedicate 15 minutes each day to a quick tidy-up session. Keep this tidy simple, just put things away that are out, clear the sink, or whatever your priorities are to make you happier in your home.

Pick a time of day that works best for it to become a natural habit. Mornings may be tough for those that already have a lot to do to leave the house. So maybe this 15 minutes is best right after dinner or as part of getting ready for bed.

  1. Speed Cleaning: Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and focus on one area or task. Move quickly and efficiently to get as much done as possible within the allotted time.
  2. Adopt the Two-Minute Rule: The two-minute rule is an effective technique where you handle minor messes immediately rather than letting them accumulate over time. Whether it’s wiping down kitchen counters after cooking or quickly organizing scattered items before leaving a room – addressing small tasks promptly will prevent them from becoming bigger chores later on.
  3. One-Room Focus: Concentrate on cleaning one room thoroughly each day or week instead of trying to clean the entire house at once.

Be Patient and Kind to Yourself:

Building habits takes time and effort. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or forget a task. Celebrate your progress and use any setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve.

Time-saving tips and tools for efficient cleaning during busy workdays


Know what your priorities are that day. Is it trash day and you need to make sure your main task is taking out the trash?

Consider prioritizing high traffic areas. Entryways or drop zones can pile up clothes and shoes quickly, but are often pretty easy to tidy up.

Concentrate your cleaning efforts on areas that get the most use, such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You Need Them

Keep cleaning supplies where they are going to be used. If they are close to where you need them you are more than likely able to do a quick clean.

I keep a toilet brush with flushable scrubbers beside each toilet. Then any time I see my toilet may be a little too dirty I just grab a wand, swish, scrub, flush.

For anywhere I need to wipe down counters frequently I keep a cloth near by. This includes under my bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and near my laundry area. I don’t always use cleaning products for quick clean ups. So will just grab the rag and a little water, freshen it up and it stays cleaner until I get to a big clean.

Quick Bathroom Wipe Down

After your morning routine do a quick wipe down of the bathroom. This is where keeping cleaning cloths near by will be very helpful. Brush your teeth, brush your hair, quick wipe of counter and maybe even the outside of the toilet.

For the shower area keep a cleaning tool in the shower to use while you are still in the shower. Hang up a brush or squeegee in your shower so it’s all right there to use.

Try an adjustable handle cleaning bush so that you don’t need to bend over to clean and just make your life a little easier.

Make Your Bed Daily

This one doesn’t seem like much, but making your bed instantly makes your space feel more tidy. I also feel like it keeps the sheets a little nicer longer since they aren’t rolled up in a ball all day.

I don’t make my bed as soon as I get up as I like it to air out for a few minutes. So I will wait until after my breakfast routine to make the bed.

Keep it simple too, the more pillows and throws you have the longer it takes to make the bed. Consider minimizing those items if you do not have the time each day.


Be strategic about your laundry. Can you sort as you throw it in the hamper? Maybe get a hamper that includes the different sort options. Does it make sense to keep a spot cleaner near where you toss your clothes in the hamper so that you can spray treat stains immediately?

Try and do a load of laundry every day, or however many days makes sense to you.

I have a laundry schedule I follow each day. Clothes on Mondays, bedding on Tuesday, towels Wednesday. Thursday is an adhoc day I use for catch up or other things that may need washed outside of the norm. Friday is back to clothes so I start the weekend fresh.

Find a schedule that works with what you have to maintain.

Start laundry as soon as you wake up. The washer can do what’s required while you tackle other things. Then at your earliest switch it to the dryer. Then at the end of the day sit down and watch TV while you fold. Or listen to an audiobook or podcast. Use it as your time to zone out a little.


Spot clean your floors. If you have high traffic areas that need cleaned more often then prioritize these. This will not only help your home feel instantly cleaner but prevent the dirt from spreading throughout the week.

Invest in a floor cleaning tool that makes your life as easy as possible.

My favorite thing I have bought for helping keep house work easier is my Shark Robot Vacuum. I run this daily on the weekdays, and its kept my floors in great shape. It minimizes the pet fur and dust bunnies.

I know its a bit of an investment but it has saved me so much time. It keeps my house maintained so even if I skip doing floors for a week it doesn’t look like I skipped cleaning.

I have all hard floors so not only do I have to worry about vacuuming but I also need to mop pretty frequently. I enjoy my Bissel Crosswave for basic cleans as it vacuums and mops at the same time so it saves me time from having to go over my floors twice.

Cleaning Caddy

Carry your essential cleaning supplies in a caddy or bucket to have everything you need at hand while moving from room to room.

Remember, implementing a few of these time-saving cleaning techniques can make a significant difference in keeping your home clean and organized without feeling overwhelmed by the workload.

Have Help

Incorporating family members into the cleaning routine for shared responsibility

Divide and Conquer: If you live with family or roommates, divide cleaning tasks among everyone to share the workload and get things done faster.

Outsourcing options: Hiring help or utilizing professional services

I know this is not for every budget but at least consider looking into a local cleaning service. Is there something that you could compromise for a monthly or quarterly clean?

Many services are flexible on frequency and the extent of the cleaning needed. Look into a weekly or monthly simple clean. Or perhaps at least a quarterly deep clean in some areas will really help you while you maintain the daily and weekly things.

This can save you a lot of time and stress while providing you with a clean and comfortable home.

Rewarding yourself: Finding motivation and satisfaction in a clean home

Find something that motivates you about having a clean home. I don’t often have people over so my motivation is rarely for entertaining. However, I love lighting my favorite candle and curling up on a Friday after a good clean. Knowing that I can really relax and enjoy the space helps keep me motivated.

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