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Like many these days my husband and I both work full time and we really want to spend the time on the weekends just handing out with friends and family or doing something fun. So we created a cleaning schedule for the work week that helps us keep our house tidy and clean so we do not need to worry about anything on the weekend. Keeping on top of things daily really makes cleaning super easy and quick.

Cleaning Schedule Breakdown

Daily Task

Cleaning Schedule, Cleaning

  • Spend 15 minutes in the morning putting away clutter. Do a lap around the house, pick up dirty clothes put in the hamper, open the mail, and just put way anything that is out of place. Repeat this at night also before bed, going to bed with everything put away helps  me sleep and makes mornings easy. As long as I am consistent on this it actually usually takes me less than 15 minutes.
  • I like to do my most important smaller tasks in the morning. Such as clean the litter box and empty the dishwasher. If I don’t have time then this is where I start as soon as I am done with work.
  • After dinner. Wash all dishes, wipe down stove and microwave, and clean counter tops.
  • At night I wipe down bathroom counter with a Clorox wipe or just a towel depending on how messy.

Here are some time management tips to help get you organized


Laundry Day: I like to do laundry on Monday’s. Doing laundry in the beginning makes me feel like I am getting a big chunk of clutter cleaned up. Usually by Monday the hamper is a little too full or we have sweatshirts, jeans, and PJs kind of just sitting around. It gets the clothes and everything done and put away before I start the rest of the house.

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Cleaning, Cleaning Schedule


Full Clean One Room: I like to pick a room to “deep clean” and rotate a room each Tuesday. This means dust ceiling fans, clean out “junk” areas, wipe down baseboards, ect. Only doing one room usually takes me an hour depending on the room. I like to do this near the beginning of the week because as the week goes on I tend to get lazier about things and will end up procrastinating. Also, I like to “declutter” as I do each room. I may not have time to organize every space in the room but I’ll pick a drawer or shelf each round to make sure its organized efficiently enough that I can put things away fairly easy to reduce how much clutter collects.


Bathrooms: I have 3 bathrooms, and Wednesday is also our trash day. So I clean my bathrooms and empty all the trash cans in each bathroom as I clean.

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2nd Floor. Since I go through every day twice a day to tidy up I don’t generally have much to put away. But if I do I go around and pick everything up then take a Swiffer duster and dust everything. Then I vacuum the entire second floor. Including making sure the corners and ceiling isnt collecting any cobwebs. Since this doesn’t take me long I also do my basement/laundry area. It’s a small space so I Swiffer and vacuum this as well.Dust Cleaning Schedule


Main floor. I like to save this for last so that its as clean as possible on the weekend. Since I spend most of my hang out time on this floor I relax more when it’s cleaner. This floor does takes me a little longer, a little more furniture to dust and I like to vacuum under my couches since cat fur likes to hide under there. Then I mop with Swiffer wet mop.

Every season or so we do take a weekend day to just go through and switch out seasonal decorations and maybe do a really big full house clean. Vents, filters, and clean our cabinets and drawers to get rid of things we really don’t need. This makes it easier the rest of the time to keep the mess minimal.

Now the key is to just keep up with it for an hour or so a day. If you have a bigger house it may be a little longer, but sit down and really look at what you like to clean each week and divide it up into 5 days of pieces. You could replace Tuesday with a room or work outside if needed then pick one weekend day a month to do your deeper cleaner. You could just do one load of wash a day then spend Monday cleaning another area while laundry is washing and drying. Which will still reduce time.

This will leave most of your weekends free to just spend time relaxing.

What does your cleaning schedule usually look like?



  1. Vanessa

    Awesome!!! So I just had my second baby and cleaning has been a little bit all over the place lately. I usually try to have a clean house by the end of the night just so I can start clean the next day. But at the moment I usually just go around and clean up whenever I can and do laundry whenever possible. I don’t have a schedule at the moment. Eventually when things start to slow down and go back in routine I’ll start up with a cleaning schedule again!

  2. Leighann

    Great schedule! I basically have to have some kind of routine, or I’m screwed, haha. Also love the daily tasks, the wipedowns are so easy and take so little time!

    1. Post

      Me too! I do so much better when I have an actual schedule and a to do list. Keeps me focused. Then having a rule where you cant turn on the TV or something until you do your main to dos

  3. Christine

    Thanks so much for sharing this. 🙂 I also like to do the bulk of my cleaning during the week. I’m a stay at home mum, but I love to be able to ignore the housework and spend time with my hubby on the weekends. 🙂

    1. Post
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  5. Jessica Hughes

    This is a great plan for keeping on top of household chores and something I really should commit to myself. With two littles and my busy work from home schedule, cleaning can often get behind and I do spend more time than I would like cleaning on weekends. It would be great to have cleaning-free weekends!

  6. lex

    i am sometimes so lazy i wish i can have a schedule to follow, hopefully i can follow yours in a way and get to be the busy and active man i have been before now.

  7. Elizabeth O

    I love clean spaces so I do clean, vacuum and tidy up some part of my home every day. I always make sure the dishwasher is packed and running before I go to bed.
    Plus, I have a cleaning lady service that comes every other week to deep clean the entire house.
    It’s my gift to myself and such a treat that I’d recommend it to everyone; especially to very busy moms.

  8. Louise

    I’ve pinned this for next week! I definitely need a better cleaning schedule as I usually end up doing everything at the weekend while the other half is off as well. I wouldn’t be able to do laundry on a Monday, due to PE kits needing to be washed and ironed by then, but everything else sounds perfect!

    Louise x

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