Workout Schedule – What To Do If You Get Off Track

The most commonly used excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle is the “lack of time.” We work full-time, we have kids to take care of, dinner to make, errands to run. The list can go on and we are all guilty of it.

Some days it may be absolutely true, but a lot of time it’s a matter of priority and finding the right “schedule.”


Let’s talk about this for a second.

I fully believe it is important to have a scheduled time for your workout. Whet


her it is in the morning, right when you get home from work, or later in the evening when the kids go to bed. Find a time that works for you that you will actually stick to. This will help the family know that it’s your time. Everyone, including you, will be “trained” that you have something going on at that time. Just like your work schedule.

On the flip side of that, make sure you don’t let a break in your schedule let you get off track. You know what mean. The “I slept in so I can’t workout today.” Or “I missed my workout today, might as well wait till Monday to start again.” It’s a mindset that needs to be changed. If you are following a workout program with a schedule then pick up the next day. Worse case, you finish a little later than plan but you still worked out as often as you could. Best case, you can use a rest day or have a double workout day and get caught up.

Just because you may not have been able to work out at your “scheduled” time doesn’t mean you can’t at another point in the day. Also, if you slept in or worked a little later than planned do a quick workout instead. A short 10 or 15 minute workout is still better than no workout.

Think “something is better than nothing.”



Work out schedule, workout



My husband is actually really good at this one. If he didn’t get a workout done for the day he does a couple of rounds of push ups throughout the day. A set before dinner and set before bed. Just squeeze in what you can when you can. Push ups, by the way, are actually a great workout that targets multiple muscle groups with one move! These are the best types of moves to do when you are short on time. Also, don’t be afraid to split your workouts if you need to. I will often do a HIIT in the morning or strength training then go for an evening walk/jog before dinner. Perfect activity to do with the family too!

Combining family time and a workout in one is a great way to get things accomplished!

Don’t let one day get you completely off track. This goes for your eating habits, also


So what you had a bad day..

Alright, so you went out to dinner and had a few drinks with your friends. Does this mean th

e next day you should just give up? No, it means the next day is a new day, and you get a fresh start. This doesn’t mean you have “fallen off track” or wait till Monday to get “back on track.” Who made this rule anyway? Check out my post on “Why I Don’t Diet” for more on this mindset.


In order to succeed in creating a healthy lifestyle learning to be flexible and changing your mindset will help you go a long way.


Getting off track



  1. Colleen Dowling

    Excellent points Tiffany. We tend to stress out over knowing we should work out but where to fit it in and how much. The “Doing Something vs Nothing” is a great tip! And not beating yourself up if you get off track… tomorrow is a new day. Thanks

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