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I am always in search of ways to simplify and organize my life. I want to easily keep track of what is going on and what needs done so that I can be as efficient as possible. So, when I discovered this Cozi App I was so excited, it is the best organization app I have tried so far!

This app is one of the most flexible I have seen that includes Calendars, To-Do Lists, Grocery Lists, and even Recipes and Meal Planning. It also, has a group log in, so that everyone that needs to can have access to know what’s going on and add their own things to the schedule.

You can add each of your family members and anyone else that you would like to include, even your pets! Each profile can be color coded and emails for notifications be added. Import from existing calendars to make transitioning easy.

Best Organization App, Family Planner

This App is also accessible on the Computer, which I personally find easier to type on. If I know I have a lot to add I can sit at the PC and set it up. Then I can just add items on the go if needed.



Here is a break down of each of the features I personally find useful.


This is a great view of everything going on for the entire family. It’s all color coded for each person. You can view by week or day. The Month view is only available if upgraded to the Gold Plan, which is only 29.99 a year.

Best Organization App, Family Organizer, Cozi Family Calendar App


There are two list tabs; “shopping” and “to do”. You can create multiple lists under these tabs. So you can have your grocery list for the grocery store and a list for the hardware store. You can have “to do” lists for each person or just for general. So many options! And what’s great is the whole family can see it! So you know what someone has picked up already or added to the list.

Best Organization App, Family Organizer, Cozi Family App

Recipes & Meal Planning

This is probably my favorite feature. It even comes with some recipes! You can add your own recipes or links to your favorite recipes that you found on-line. You can search for your recipes and everything.

Best Organization App, Family Organizer, Meal Planning App


Then to make having recipes gathered up easily in your phone even better, you can simply add the ingredients to your shopping list or add the recipe to your meal plan!

Best Organization App, Family Organizer,

The Cozi App has a lot to offer with its free version! Everything I talked about above comes with it Free. There is also a Gold Version for only 29.99 a year. That includes Ad Free, Contacts, Monthly Calendar View, Birthdays, and more.

Being organized and knowing what needs to be done is key to Time Management. You can read more about that here. Get Organized and try FREE now!



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Best Organization App

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