10 Fun Gift Ideas for The Office

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Know someone that works in an office environment? We often spend more time in the office then at home. Having some fun work space items can really help make work feel more personal. Below are some great gifts for coworkers or friends in the office!

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“I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been An Email” 2 pack mugs 

Functional and cute Desk Vacuum!

Fun little smart phone stand.

Keep your hands warm in a cold office while typing with these fingerless gloves!

Tape and Pen Holder

Decorative Frog that hangs out on the PC

Pencil and Phone Holder

Desktop Charging station to make plugging in a little easier. 

Travel Mugs to keep the coffee warm!

Lunch Containers, great for fitting into a lunch box

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas! Do you have a favorite item?

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