Harry Potter Gifts – Harry Potter Themed Gift Ideas

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the most fun series out there. Here are some magical gifts that any Harry Potter fan would appreciate!

Harry Potter paper back book set. This is great for any fan that does not have the whole collection of books!

harry potter gifts

Small Harry Potter themed purse!

harry potter gifts

A harry potter themed cup of preference. Travel mug with straw, Wine Glasses, or Coffee Mug!

harry potter gifts

For the board game player! Harry Potter Clue or test your knowledge with Trivial Pursuit

Go to work or school with a Harry Potter Lunch Box 

An assortment of Harry Potter Themed chocolates and candies.

A Wand Pen and a Harry Potter Bookmark

harry potter gifts

Harry Potter Puzzlesl Crests, Howgwarts, or Marauder’s Map

harry potter gifts

Harry Potter Phone Cases

Harry Potter Wand that is also a remote control.

Harry Potter Umbrella for those rainy days

Harry Potter Gift Ideas


  1. Lois Alter Mark

    Even though it’s been years since the books were released, the hype surrounding Harry Potter is still as loud as ever. Very few series have created such a widespread response and I’m sure all of the gifts listed would bring a ton of joy to any fan. Plus, that umbrella would be the perfect way to add a little fun to these cold, rainy days!

  2. Nicole Gilbert

    This speaks to my muggle heart!! I’ve been Potterhead from the very start and I’ve got a silly amount of Harry Potter merchandise. I have to admit, I already own more than one item on your list. lol.

  3. Christa

    I love Harry Potter! When we in on London (without the kids), I made my husband take me to the Harry Otter store at Kings Cross Station. Lol. I love so many of these items as gifts…for myself. 😀

  4. Stephanie

    I want it all! Well, except the books because I already have two full sets plus a few extras and I have the purse. It’s a bit smaller than I was thinking, but I still love it. I have a few of the replica wands, but not the remote-control one!

  5. Jennifer

    I LOVE Harry Potter. Like it is such a great series both the books and the movies. I loved them growing up and hope my little one does too cause I’ll be buying him all the stuff

  6. Marjie Mare

    One of my daughters loves Harry Potter. Her room is full of everything Harry Potter. I will share this post with her.

  7. azirtak

    Yaaaaas! I actually have a few friends that are die hard Harry Potter fans and I’m definitely one of them! I’m sure they would love these gifts just as much as I’m loving them right now!

  8. Nicole

    Omgosh! I have some friends that would love some of these at Christmas time. Maybe they can use some of it on the next pub crawl.

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