New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!!

I feel like this year went so fast! It’s almost like the older you get the faster time seems to go. While it makes me a little sad saying good bye to last year I am a bit excited to start the new year!

Now I don’t necessarily believe in waiting for the new year to start your resolutions. But, since we are here and there are definitely things I feel that could be worked on for the upcoming year

Do More Outside Activities

Honestly, this is one I have been saying since last year. My husband and I used to do all kinds of things outdoors. Hiking and Kayaking being our main activities. A few years a go we moved closer to the city with not as much hiking nearby. So it really has taken a back burner to our weekend and even evening activities.

This year though! We are going to make more of an effort to get out there. Not only will this help with being healthier, but it will also help with our spending! There are too many temptations near the city to spend, spend, spend! Which leads me to my next resolutions

Slow Down On The Spending

For me, this is more to focus on saving a little more each month and focusing my spending more on experiences vs material items. Like really, how many cute Christmas decorations do I need! I could really cut down on some of the random purchase and put that money towards a weekend trip or new restaurant.

Continue Improving Healthier Lifestyle.

Weight loss, no junk food, or no drinking seem to be some of the most popular resolutions. I personally think that creating a healthier lifestyle over all is the best way to go with this. I say continuing to improve because I feel like there will always be adjustments than can be made to improve upon. There is always a new workout to try, or improvements to your diet, or the amount of activity you do daily. So for me, this will forever and always be a non stop improvement item in my life.

Be More Organized

I don’t just mean with my home and making sure my cabinets are organized and clutter is cleared. This is more for knowing what I need to do each day and making sure I get it done. This is needed in all aspects of my life; home, work, blogging.

My plan to do this is to actually just slow down a minute and allow myself some time each day to organize my thoughts and plan out my day. Whether this is in the morning while drinking my coffee or the night before. I want to be able to start each day with clear intentions. To help me with this I plan on using a bullet journal to track all tasks and thoughts I have. Then taking a few moments once or twice a day to really look at what I have and pick the top items that need done that day.

This will also really help if I have any extra time I can look at my list and tackle things I may have usually forgotten or procrastinated on.

Be More Focused

I often find myself with a lot to do and then realizing I just spent 20 minutes scrolling facebook instead of just getting it done.

To improve on this I want to work on time bucketing my activities. Create time frames that I will be focused on completing a specific task. For example, 1 hour house work. During this time I will not stop and check emails or social media. Then after that hour is up I can check on other things and start working on the next task. This will help me to complete everything more efficiently and be able to have some downtime at the end of the day without feeling guilty I didn’t fully complete something

Please share any resolutions you have and are looking forward to this year!


  1. Irina

    Good luck on your resolutions this year! I too am trying to sort out and stick to a budget, but that sort of clashes with the “eat healthy” option, so I try to stay balanced! I definitely know what you mean about Christmas decorations – in addition to going over budget, I also managed to go over the limit space wise, so my living room will forever host a Christmas owl in a mason jar! (Luckily, it’s so cute, I won’t mind!)

  2. Blair villanueva

    As i grew up maturely, I noticed that I learned to minimized spending and learned to be more mindful for things that i have. Being healthy is an important part of life, better invest on it.

  3. Dani Flanders

    You and I have very similar resolutions! I want to get out more and be more active as well! Being focused is another great one as well. I need to be better about prioritizing my time and spending less time scrolling social media!

  4. Monidipa

    Very realistic resolutions there are I must say. And I agree with focused and organizing points. However, all the points you have mentioned here are co-related to each other.

  5. Cindy Ingalls

    I don’t really do resolutions but I do believe in setting an intention for year. I think it helps to motivate me get more out of every day and be more present instead of always focusing on the future.

  6. Hannah Marie

    I will try to find more work and save up this year. Last year I’ve been spending more that I should and I know it’s not good.

  7. David Elliott

    These are all things I definitely need to do this year. Especially trying to find more ways to do outdoor activities. I think I am going to try to do more of my blogging away from the house. It just gets more difficult trying to do it this way for some reason.

  8. Heather

    These are great resolutions! I also want to do better with a budget because I overspend on things we do not need. 2019 is a great time to step forward with big goals.

  9. Rachel

    I like all these resolutions and could do with following them all myself, especially the spending one! Things are always a bit tighter this time of year arent they!

  10. Sandra

    I am now having the energy-drained phase this January ,and your post just helped me overcome some of the procrastination going on in my system! Time to get more focused for the next 11months and a half of 2019!! So fast!

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