How to Organize Hair Tools

Hair Tools

Hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners! These are all awkwardly shaped, come with annoying cords, and just get easily tangled up and in the way. Below are some ideas that may work for keeping these as together as possible.

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The Cabinet Door

Utilizing the cabinet door is a great way to store your hair tools. It makes them easy to reach when the door is opened. Also, using a space that isn’t often utilized. Over the door hair tool organizers are perfect for keeping your tools sorted and to cords under control

On The Counter

If you have the space and prefer to have your hair tools in an even easier reach, then perhaps a counter top hair tool organizer would be better for you.

On The Wall

Don’t have the counter space or a door you can use? Think vertical. Use your wall space! Try a wall mounted hair tool organizer.

In The Cabinet

If you have an option store the tools in your cabinet the on the counter tool organizer listed above would also work here. Another great options is getting stackable drawers that you can contain each tool in the drawers.

Whatever decision you make to organize your hair tools make sure you take measurements. Making sure you get the right size organizers.

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