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The number of wires behind the TV can really cause a tangled mess if you aren’t careful. I am going to share some tools I used to improve my TV cable management. There is often multiple electronics set up with wires running to all of the different devices. Personally, I have three gaming systems and my internet and router all hooked up in the same area.

I have three major things that have helped me control the mess.

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Have a power strip with surge protection.

A power strip with surge protection is a great idea when you have a lot of expensive equipment plugged in. This also will help you consolidate as much as possible for your cords coming from one location.

HDMI Splitter to manage the multiple devices.

An HDMI splitter has been really helpful in making sure my system can handle all of the different systems. I also, like the splitter because it’s all feeding into one box in a location of my TV stand vs running the cords the whole way to my TV.

Cord Sleeves to wrap your wires.

Cord sleeves are my favorite things I have bought for cable management. This has made a huge difference in how I can organize my cords behind my TV stand.

TV Cable Management, Hide Cords

Not only have they helping to consolidate my cords to make them look cleaner, but it’s also preventing my cat from chewing on the wires. I chose a wider cord sleeve to make sure I could fit as many cords as possible in one sleeve. What is nice about these sleeves is that you can pull a cord out where you need it and still have the other cords continuing on their path.

For example, I have two shelves on my TV stand, some cords need to be pulled out for the first shelf and then some need to continue to the second shelf. So, these cords give you that flexibility.

TV Cable Management, Hide Cords

Cord Management Kits

I also bought this full cord management kit so I could hide my power strips.

TV Cable Management, Hide Cords

I liked this one because I was able to fit the two power strips that I have for my TV in the two largest of these boxes. The third box, I used for the cords beside the couch, where we have our phone chargers. To be honest though, I didn’t end up needing most of the smaller accessories it came with. There are a variety of kits and options available. Make sure to really assess what you need and make sure your power strip will fit into the power strip box.

You may also feel like you don’t need to put your power strip in a box. I personally like the clean look and I do have an issue with my cats trying to chew on cords, so it helps protect them.

Here is my before and after! Everything is protected and contained. It’s made such a difference. Hopefully this gives some inspiration for you TV cable management.

TV Cable Management, Hide Cords

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