Spring Cleaning Tools To Make Cleaning Easier

Every year we go through a spring cleaning or refresh. There is something about the nice weather and cleaning with the windows open and finally have fresh air. I actually enjoy a little bit of spring cleaning, but it can be a lot of work. There are a lot of cleaning tools out there that can help make things a bit easier and optimize your cleaning efforts. Check out these ideas to get you started.

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A cleaning caddy to help keep everything together and make it easy to find what you need. These can also be used to store your products nicely and have them ready to go whenever you need.

If you have tile in your house and ever tried to clean it by hand you know that it takes a lot of work to scrub at the small lines. And when you have a big area, this can really be a lot. An electric brush can really help take some of the work out of the scrubbing. I have recently discovered that oxi clean makes a great tile cleaner. It’s usually something I have for laundry anyway, so I was happy to learn I didn’t need another product.

You could also consider a larger brush with a long handle that will help with reaching around the shower, behind toilets, and even windows.

A nice set of reusable cleaning clothes to keep in your caddy. I like having different colors because I use one color for bathroom, one for kitchen, one for dusting. Plus it adds a little fun to cleaning.

A cleaner for your Keurig to remove build up and improve your coffee taste.

If you are lucky enough to have a garbage disposal and you are like me then you most likely do not think often enough about cleaning it. It’s sort of out of sight out of sight out of mind. As part of you spring cleaning give the disposal a clean and refresh with disposal cleaning tables.

Another kitchen appliance that you may not think about often enough is the dishwasher. I know you are washing dishes in it pretty often so you think its getting cleaned with the dishes. But it does also need its own separate clean to help with grim and build up. Running an empty load with dishwasher cleaner can help maintain this.

The dryer is another tricky part to clean, but is really important to keep clean. The lint here can really pile up. Even if you are actually very good at remembering to clean out the dryer lint between every load. A proper dryer brush to clean out the lint will make a big difference.

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