Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule That You Can Stick To

Creating a daily or weekly cleaning schedule is important to maintaining your home. What is even more important is actually sticking to the schedule. Here are some tips on how to build out your schedule.

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Creating Your Cleaning Schedule Where To Start

To get started you want to actually create your list and prioritize it. These steps will help you get started on creating a productive cleaning schedule.

1. Identify What Needs Cleaned

The first step is knowing what needs to be cleaned and how often. Get out some paper and do a brain dump of everything you need or want to keep clean. I sometimes find it helpful to start with one room at a time and think of everything you want done in that room. Some of these items may fall more under a deep cleaning schedule but having a dump will help you get started.

I recommend keeping things broken down into small sections. For example, don’t just say kitchen appliances. Write out each appliance. This is because you may have a different schedule for each appliance. A microwave may need cleaned more often than a dishwasher.

2. Figure Out Time To Dedicate Each Day

This is really important; you do not want to pack your schedule with things you will never have time for. If you have a double shift or a kid’s sporting event on Monday’s, then maybe you just do the bare minimum this day. Be realistic with yourself. Can you do 30 minutes Monday through Thursday but maybe Friday take a full hour? Start with the minimum and sometimes after you get started or get a system in place you realize you can expand on that.

3. Prioritize Your Cleaning List

Now prioritize your list, there are things that you may think need done each day or once a week and maybe some things that can wait if needed. Keep in mind the time that you have to complete these items.

Creating The Cleaning Schedule

Next you want to schedule out your priorities. Figure out which days of the week and times work best for you.

I also find it helpful to time bucket these tasks. Some tasks I know I need to complete in the AM and some are planned for the PM.

An example of my cleaning schedule daily and weekly are below.

Cleaning Schedule Daily Tasks

AM Cleaning List

  • Start a load of laundry – I usually wake up grab the laundry for the day and throw it in. I schedule certain items each day. Monday and Friday are clothes, Tuesday is bedding, Wednesday towels, and Thursday is catch up or ad hoc things like throw blankets.
  • Scoop The Litter Boxes: The litter boxes are in the laundry room so I just do these real quick while I am in there.
  • Pick up clutter: This is important to make sure everything is in its place and out of the way. If this is done at least once a day it usually doesn’t take too long and makes a huge difference. I do try to do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once after dinner.
  • Make The Bed: Another task that doesn’t take too long but makes the room look instantly more put together.
  • Unload the Dishwasher: I like to do this first thing in the morning so dishes do not pile up throughout the day. They can immediately start going into the empty dishwasher.

PM Cleaning List

  • Wipe down counters: For the kitchen this one is pretty much part of the usual clean up so it doesn’t take much thought for me. After dinner we clean up and wipe down all the counters. For the bathrooms I keep cleaning clothes in each bathroom and just wipe it down really quick with water as I use it.
  • Clean the kitchen sink: Again this one is usually part of my after dinner routine. We clean up all of the dishes, run the dishwasher at night, and then clean out the sink.
  • One Kitchen Extra Item: My after dinner cleanup is probably the most productive time I clean. Since the kitchen has the most things to clean, I do try each day to pick an item to clean extra. Such as today I may do the microwave, tomorrow I may wipe down the front of my appliances. This just helps me keep up with the kitchen in smaller chunks of time.

These are the minimum items I feel I need to do each day that do not take a lot of time and keeps my house looking mostly put together.

After you know what your daily tasks are take a look to see what you think you should be doing at least once a week. I personally like to spread out my weekly cleaning schedule into small chunks throughout the week. But depending on your schedule you may want to a longer clean once or twice a week.

This is an example of what my weekly cleaning schedule looks like.

Cleaning Schedule Weekly Tasks

  • Monday
    • Weekly Reset: I spend a little extra time on Monday just resetting my house from the weekend. Making sure everything is in its place. I usually use Monday as my “longer” workday to make sure I am good for the rest of the week. I try not to commit to anything extra on Monday.
  • Tuesday
    • Monthly Task: I try to do a Monthly Task on Tuesdays. Deep clean something or reorganize something that has been on my list. This is a good place to think about all of the additional items on your list that may not have a schedule yet.
  • Wednesday
    • Trash: This is trash day for us. I will go around the house and gather the trash and empty the litter box items. (Every Month I will schedule a full litter dump to get it out of the house before trash comes)
    • Bathrooms: I have 3 and it takes me about 5-10 minutes per bathroom to do a basic clean (does not include shower) I try to do the shower while I am actually in the shower, so it doesn’t fall onto this cleaning schedule. Check out these tips to make your bathroom cleaning easier.
  • Thursday
    • Dust: I will just do a quick dust through the whole house. Since I declutter daily this is usually a quick process as I do not have much to move around. A dry duster is most helpful for me in this case. If I have extra time, I will pick a room this week to be a little extra thorough. I try to cycle through rooms.
  • Friday
    • Floors: I like to save floors for last. This happens right on Friday, because I love the feeling of a clean house on the weekend. If I have extra time similar to dusting, I may spend a little extra time a room and do a more thorough cleaning. I may move and wash under my couches this week and under the dressers next week.
  • Saturday and Sunday
    • Relax: I try not to avoid scheduled chores on the weekends so I can just enjoy them and not feel behind. For some though it may be nice to have a little more time if you have a busier week. Sometimes it is nice to just have a few focused hours to get everything done.

Now this list is just my “Must Dos” that really help my house feel clean most of the time. If I have extra time I will cycle through those additional items on my list.

However, I know if I at least do this much I feel more relaxed and accomplished. Sometimes once I get started, I find that I can usually complete something I didn’t think I could. So having a “wishlist” to pull from while you are focused is helpful.

I also find it helpful to listen to audiobooks or music while cleaning. This makes me feel like I am not only productive but listening to something I really enjoy. I have an Audible Membership because I like the ease with the volume of books I listen to. But some local libraries have audiobook options as well.

Share some items you consider are priority or have helped you with your cleaning schedule!

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