15 Cookout Essentials To Make Summer Cookouts Easier

15 Must Have Cookout Essentials

Summertime is the perfect season to enjoy outdoor cookouts with your loved ones, and having the right cookout essentials can make all the difference in creating a successful cookout!

Cookouts are one of the things I look forward to during the summer seasons. Food and fresh air! But unless you have a giant outdoor kitchen, they can be a lot of work to set up.

So, be sure to stock up on these must-have cookout accessories to take your grilling to the next level and make your summer cookouts a hit!

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Basting Brush Set

Cookout Essentials: Baster brush set

A basting set is highly recommended for any of your favorite sauces. Having one that you can set down on the grill itself is helpful for heating your sauce.

I like this basting pot and brush set. It can be set on the grill, lid prevents spilling when carrying it or moving around, and the handle is great for easy holding.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

A cast iron garlic roaster is a must-have grill tool for any garlic lover. The roaster allows you to roast garlic with ease.

The cast iron construction of the roaster ensures even heat distribution. This allow is the garlic to roast evenly and perfectly. Plus, a cast iron garlic roaster is durable and can last for many years with proper care.

Roasting garlic in a cast iron garlic roaster is a simple and flavorful way to elevate your cooking and bring out the best in this versatile ingredient.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

This one may seem obvious. However, a proper meat thermometer is a great accessory to have on hands.

This one is great because it comes with a wire that allows you to keep the grill closed while you monitor the temperature. It also has an alarm so it can notify you when you have reached your goal temperature.

Mini Cast Iron Pot

Mini Cast Iron Pot

A mini cast iron pot is a versatile tool that would be a great addition to your cookout accessories. It’s the perfect size for melting butter or warming sauces.

The mini cast iron pot is also safe to heat directly on the grill, making it a convenient tool to have for outdoor cooking.

A Grill Basket

Cookout Essentials: Grill Basket

A grill basket allows you to cook a wide variety of foods on the grill. The basket’s design prevents small pieces of food from falling through the grates. It’s ideal choice for grilling delicate or small items that might otherwise be difficult to manage on the grill.

Picnic Caddy

Picnic caddy for a cookout

Carrying your accessories to the cookout can be a pain. Having a little caddy that not only can help carry various items including silverware and plates but also helps keeps things organized when displayed on the table.

This picnic caddy is a great use for all your necessities.

Food Tray

Food Tray

Food trays are also a necessity for carrying the food you plan on cooking to the cookout. These trays are a great option for not only taking the food to the cookout but serving the hot food when it’s done.

Grill Light

Grill Light

A grill light can also be super helpful to actually see what you are cooking if you are cooking closer to nighttime or out of the sun.

Condiment Organizer

Condiment Organizer

Keeping your condiments cool and protected from bugs can be a challenge. Getting a condiment tray with a lid and option to add ice is the perfect set up!

Chilled Serving Tray

Chilled Serving Tray

A chilled serving tray is a game-changer when it comes to hosting a cookout. It keeps your food cold and safe to eat even on hot summer days. It’s perfect for serving veggies, cold cuts, or desserts.

With a chilled serving tray, you can relax and enjoy your cookout without worrying about the heat affecting your food and drinks.

Solo Cup Holder

Solo Cup Holder

This Solo Cup Holder is a fun accessory for a cookout. Not only does it keeps you cups organized and looking nice. But its also set up to allow guests to make their cups.

Reusable Bowl Covers

Reusable Bowl Cover

Reusable bowl covers are an eco-friendly and practical alternative to plastic wrap or aluminum foil. They will help keep bugs off of your food.

They also make cleanup and storage easy after your cookout.

Pop Up Food Tent Covers

Pop Up Food Tent

Another great idea for keeping food save are netted pop up tents. They are reusable so you don’t have to use plastic wrap or foil to protect your food.

Also, they are great because you can actually see your food, and remove to grab what you need and replace easily.

Buffet Organizer

Buffet Organizer

If you have a bit of a bigger setting a caddy for silverware and plates may not cut it. A buffet organizer may be more suitable for that job.

One that has options for silverware, plates, and napkins is a great all in one serving station. What I like about this one is that the different storage items come apart, so you have some different options for set up.

Bug Repellent Candles

Cookout Essentials: Bug Candle

Finally, a bug repellant candle to help keep the little critters away from your food. Look for decorative ones to add a bit of design to you cookout.

Having the right cookout accessories can make all the difference in ensuring a successful and enjoyable outdoor dining experience. Whether it’s a grilling basket, a chilled serving tray, or a set of reusable bowl covers, each accessory plays a crucial role in making your summer cookouts easier and more fun.

So, the next time you’re planning a cookout, be sure to equip yourself with these essential accessories to take your grilling game to the next level. Happy grilling!

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