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Wood Floor Cleaner

I have always used Swiffer products for my floors. I used to just put on a Swiffer wet pad and scrub all of my floors. When I first moved into my house it had hardwood floors. I had no idea that you should actually be using a separate cleaner for wood. So I went out and bought the recommended wood cleaner Bona for hard wood floors. While still using Swiffer for my tile floors.

I really liked the fact that my kit came with reusable pads. I felt like I was saving a ton by not needing to buy boxes of wet or dry pads. I have been also looking for ways to reduce waste in general and use more reusable products vs disposable. So this was a win win for me. I eventually switched from using the disposable wet pads for my tile also and discovered that Bona products work great for tile too. Best of all it is Safe for Pets!

I am not only reducing waste and saving some money on buying products I will throw away after one use. I am also saving storage space.

Seriously look at the difference!

Wood Floor Cleaner










Before I would buy the pads in bulk because this helped save a little money. Now I only have a few pads that can be washed and the two different sprays. One for hardwood and one for tile. At first I tried the disposable wood floor wet pads also. So I had two sets of wet pad boxes. As I ran out I decided not to replace it. I actually feel like the washable floor pads worked better any way.

So now I have a couple different pads that I can just switch out. I have 2 normal cleaning pad, 1 extra scrub pad, this one has harder green bristles going down the sides of the center, that works best in my kitchen. Then I have a fuzzy duster pad for quick and easy pick up, works great with cat fur! I just throw them in the wash with a load of rags or towels and then they are ready to use the next time!

Floor Cleaning System

If you still like the idea of the disposable pads Bona does offer this option as well.

I personally have the plain Bona kit. And use the spray bottles I need and spray directly onto the floor. However, there is an option to get a Bona kit that has the sprayer attached to it, if you would prefer that.

It’s really helped simplify my cleaning and storage! Plus it works great and its pet safe!

Wood Floor Cleaner


  1. Stephanie

    My sister uses this system and loves it. I really need that duster one. My entire house is tile and my cat has been shedding like crazy the last few weeks, I can’t keep up with it!

  2. Jessica Hughes

    I’ve used Swiffer for a few years now and I do buy the separate liquid for my wood floors and the regular liquid for my other flooring. However, I really feel like the quality of both the pads and the mop itself have gone downhill lately. I’ve had to replace my mop twice and the pads just don’t seem to pick up as well anymore. I’m intrigued by the Bona after reading this and may just have to switch!

    1. Post

      I am also a big fan of swiffer generally. But I was struggling with a similar issue. It would almost start pushing dirt around if I didn’t switch pads out before I was finished mopping.

    1. Post

      Yes! The people who refinished my in laws floor actually recommend this to them so this is what we ended up with also.

  3. Helene

    I use Swiffer for many years now but I think it would be the time to try something new, which looks like a great choice. I don’t think I can find this brand in my country though.

  4. Flossie McCowald

    What a great idea! I LOVE my Swiffers too, but I agree I always felt a little bad about the waste generated by the disposable pads – I had never heard of the Bona but love that you can wash and reuse the pads!

  5. NAti

    This cleaning product sounds amazing! I also have hard wood floors and I am trying to create less waste, so I’ll be trying this next time!

  6. Becca Wilson

    I love that they have the mopping system and then also have their own cleaning products to go along with it. I need a new mop – so maybe this is the one!

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