Become More Active: Tips To Add Activity To Your Day

Tips to become more active, Add more activity to your day

Staying active is important to maintain a healthy body. Especially if you are someone with a desk job, sitting all day is not ideal! Adding more activity to your day will help not only your body health but also increase your productivity and improve your mood! Below are some tips to help add you be more active throughout the day.

Family Walk

This is my favorite. Go for a walk with the family. This is a great way to spend some quality time together without electronics and allow the whole family to get some exercise.

Add More Activity, Become More Active

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Phone Games

Need a little extra motivation? There are a lot of fun games you can play on your phone that require you to go out in the world to play. This is a great way to get you motivated and feel like you have a goal or mission on your walk. This can also be a great family activity if everyone plays!

Desk Job Every Couple Hours Break

If you have a desk job then make sure you set a timer to get up and move every one and a half to two hours. This is really important for your health. If you are unable to leave your desk completely at least stand as often as you can and stretch. Not only will this be good for your body but it will also be good for your productivity. Allowing a few minutes of time to rest your mind and move will keep your energy going.

Standing Desk

If you have the option a standing desk is a great way to keep you more active during the work day. I personally like to use it when I am on calls. It allows me easy access to the computer and the ability to walk near my desk, while still able to talk and participate. There is also a great option of getting a stepper or under desk treadmill so you can walk and work at the same time. I personally use this Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper with Monitor""“>Golds Gym Stepper from Walmart, it was less than $50 and totally worth it.


Commercial Breaks

If you are watching your favorite shows and there is a commercial get up and walk around the house. Maybe even pair it with cleaning. Pick up some clutter, wash a couple of dishes, dust a ceiling fan. It’s a good way to watch your shows and stay active. If you don’t have commercial time then get up between shows for 15 minutes or so and do something to get you moving.

Walk During TV

This is great paired with good strength work out, or even on its own if its more than you usually do. If you can get a Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper with Monitor""“>stepper or treadmill you can walk while watching your shows. The do make smaller ones if you do not have the space.

Take Stairs

This is a small help but does add a little extra activity. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator whenever you can.

Add More Activity to Your Day

Park Furthest in the Parking Lot

Help yourself get towards those 10k steps by parking in the furthest spot of the parking lot.

Take Lunch Break

Make sure to take your breaks at work. If you can, eat a working lunch and then use your break to go for a walk. If you can’t, try to divide up your time. 15 minutes lunch 15 minutes walk. Take a coworker and make it a social walk! It’s a great way to blow off some steam and get refocused for the rest of your work day.

Walk To Work or Store

If its possible walk to work or the store when you can. Save gas and get some exercise.

Plan Active Weekend Activities

Take some time each weekend to do something active. There are a lot of fun options; go to the park talk a walk, go on a hike, indoor rock climbing, or even the zoo!

Share some creative ways you use to add some extra activity each day!

Add more activity to your day


  1. Stephanie

    I really want to get a standing desk the next time I set up my office. I have the Apple Watch and it reminds me to stand every hour if I haven’t. Now that the weather is cooling off I think my son and I are going to ride bikes to and from school to help get more exercise in.

  2. Marjie Mare

    I work at home and I recently purchased the standing desk. It was the best investment for me. Now, I also set a schedule to do some stretching every hour.

    1. Post
  3. shan

    These are really awesome tips that I needed to read tonight. I’m in that place of needing to get moving again. I need to get back to walking, lunging, etc during TV shows which are very rare. Thanks for the reminder tonight to get started back at this!

  4. maliblue

    i need to do all of these! Haha i have a full time desk job, so I need to be more active, problem is that i am super tired when i get home and i have to do the groceries, prepare dinner and lunch for the following day… etc. But def. i want to go and come back on foot every day.


  5. Joline

    When we lived in a condo we made sure to take the stairs at least once a week (to the 18th floor!). It really made a difference.

    1. Post
  6. Wendy Lemeric

    Hey! Really, thank you for these reminders. I work a desk job and honestly, taking a break can sometimes be forgotten. I’d be stuck in my chair so focused on my task, I forget to take a break, I’ll keep these in mind.

  7. Helene

    It’s so important to take a few breaks during the day, especially when you work from home or at the office. I like making short walks and going shopping by foot.

  8. Morgan Shaw

    I love all your ideas except take the stairs 😂 perhaps because I recently broke an ankle ! You are right with the phone games and working st a desk you need to move about , even music helps me xx

  9. Flossie McCowald

    This is a great post, and I love your suggestions! I seem to alternate from one day to the next – some days, doing things around the house, I can easily log 15K steps on my Fitbit without batting an eyelash – other days, when I am working (blogging), I totally need those reminders every hour that I haven’t gotten in my 250 steps/hour yet!

  10. Lindsay Joseph

    I always ALWAYS take stairs when the option is available. I think what i need to start doing is setting a timer at work. Awesome idea and so needed.

  11. Christie Hawkes

    These are great tips. I have incorporated most of them and found that they made a real difference. I’ve exercised for years, but found that I was quite sedentary in between workout sessions. I started gradually working more movement into my day, and I feel much better. I found your blog through a comment you made on Gigi Eats Celebrities. Have a fun-filled, active day!


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