Over Come the Weight Loss Plateau

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You just started your weight loss journey and you were doing so good. You reduced your calorie intake, chose to drink water instead of soda, and worked out every day. It felt great to lose those first few pounds!! And you deserve to feel great! Now, all of the sudden you are seeing your progress slow down and the scale isn’t budging…


This is completely normal. It happens to everyone, and honestly it will probably happen more than once. This just means that you will need to reevaluate your current routine.

Check Your Calorie Intake

As you lose weight your calorie needs will change. After every 15 or so pounds lost you should reevaluate how many calories you should be consuming. To continue with weight loss you should be eating less calories than you burn throughout the day.

You need to also watch for the opposite to happen. If you are not consuming enough calories than your body could be going into starvation mode and cause a drop in your metabolism. Make sure your body is getting what it needs to stay fueled.

Take a look at what types of calories you are eating. Are you eating the right nutrients? There is a difference in eating 100 calories worth of chips vs 100 calories worth of chicken.

Change Up Your Workout

Your body does get used to your routine. You will start finding that some of the moves you thought were hard in the beginning are not quite as hard anymore. This is a great thing, by the way!! But it does mean that you need to switch things up

If you are only doing cardio maybe throw in a day or two of weight lifting to start building muscle. If you are only weight training then mix in a couple cardio days. You can increase the amount of weights, change up the number of reps, increase your running distance. Pick a different cardio routine add some HIIT. There are a lot of options out there, use them!!


  1. Chloe

    I hate the weight loss plateau! Especially when you have been on a good down ward run! I’ll have to try these tips the next time in happens.

  2. lex

    this was very needed, as i have searched for stuffs like this on the internet for a few friends, this was resourceful and i appreciate you for keeping this up. thanks for the share.

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