Is It Best To Workout Morning or Night?

I have seen a lot of discussion on whether you should work out in the morning or at night.

So what is the best time to workout?

I know I say this a lot but really its up to that person. Yes, maybe working out in the morning gives you more energy throughout the day. However, some mornings already starts pretty early so maybe its better for you to work out sometime in the evening. Or maybe you have a job that tends to wear you out by the end of the day so working out in the evening is just not as possible, so its best to get it done before the day really starts.

Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Boosts Energy for the Day

One of the most common reasons working out in the morning is suggested is because it kick starts your metabolism and can give you increased energy for the day. Which we all need!


Studies have shown that the majority of people are more consistent with their routine when doing morning workouts. There are a couple reasons for this;

1. You are getting it out of the way before the day distracts you, then next thing you know the day is over, this is a great reason to make sure you have your workout scheduled! I do believe that schedule should be flexible. If you miss the scheduled time do something a little later when you can. Even if it’s 5 minutes.

2. The day can tire you out, so the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is get up and workout.

3. Unexpected things come up in your day. Say you have your workout planned to do right before you start dinner or right when you get home from work. But now you need to run to the store, or you got invited to do happy hour after work. So your option is to see if you can reschedule your workout time or not do one or the other. Working out in the morning helps solve this issue.

Making Better Decisions 

Now this can really fall under either, but in the morning knowing you worked out, you tend to make healthier choices throughout the day. It’s a great motivation to eat better!

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Benefits of Working Out Later in the Day

Workout Harder

Those who are able to workout out later in the day tend to workout hard. Your body is already fueled from proteins and carbs you were eating throughout the day so you would have more energy. Your also more flexibility because your muscles are more warmed up than you would be first thing in the morning, which can help you naturally workout harder with less risk of injury.


Exercise is one of the best stress relievers for not only your body but your mind. Working out in the afternoon or evening can really help you relieve some of the stress from the day. Burns excess energy due to stress and released Happy Endorphin’s into your brain to just help put you in an over all better mood.

Sleeping In Longer

If you have an already early morning and its hard for you to get up then maybe its better to just sleep that extra hour instead of fighting the snooze button, which really doesn’t help your sleep either. If you find yourself always snoozing in the morning and missing your workouts then its better to just get a better quality sleep and workout later in the day.

What Time To Workoutm working out

For me personally, mid morning is my prime time to workout because I have had my coffee and some breakfast. I feel more focused and productive. I am not a morning person so its pretty hard for me to get up in the morning to get my workout in. If I can’t workout during the day then I will workout first thing after work. This is a good time because I just finished working and haven’t started getting into house work or cooking dinner. And once I sit on the couch at the end of the day I have to really fight to get up.

In the end, do whatever is best for you to stay consistent. Consistency is what is really going to help you see the results you want to see!

What is your favorite time to workout?


  1. Heather Johnson

    As a busy stay at home mom, I do not necessarily work out. I am up and moving all day, doing things like lugging heavy laundry baskets up and down the stairs. So all day anytime is the best time to workout!

  2. Becca Talbot

    I have to confess, I’m neither a morning or evening workout girl. I have to get up at 6am every morning for work, spend all day in London, and the only thing I wanna do when I get back is sleep lol! x

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