Why You Should Declutter

Do you have a heard time finding a place for everything in your house? Do you find yourself constantly buying new storage solutions to try and make everything work? If so, then there is a good chance a big part of the problem is that you need to declutter, not just reorganize.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to declutter and get rid of stuff. You are always thinking “as soon as I get rid of this I will need it” or “I forgot I had this, I could use it.” Then you never end up using it. At first, it can be very scary and overwhelming.

Try and think of it this way. Reducing clutter can help save you time and money. Not to mention the peace of mind you will have by being able to put everything away and being able to see your counter tops!

So how does this save you time?

Declutter, Declutter your home, declutter and organize

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Well a few different ways. First, actually having a home for something and knowing where it is will help you be able to find it when you actually need it. Second, you will spend less time “cleaning and organizing.” Once everything has its place then you will know where to put it. It won’t be collecting on the counter or stuffed in a closet. Causing a mess you always feel like you need to clean up. Plus, how much easier is it to clean when you aren’t moving junk from one spot to another. If it’s already put away when you cleaning you just have wipe down the counter.

How does getting rid of stuff save you money?

Think about how many storage solutions you purchased? How many bins did you buy? How many shelves or dividers? Storage bins can be expensive depending on what you need and how nice you want them to look. If you look at all the spaces right now you think you need storage solutions for think about how much you need just looking at. Then do not purchase anything.

Declutter, Declutter your home, declutter and organize

Before you go out and buy all kinds of storage bins and baskets. Sort through your stuff and see what you actually need. If you can, pick a space in your house you can take over for a bit. I like to take everything out and just dump it. Then I sort it by item type in one spot. This way I can really see what I have and what I do not actually need. This also allows you can see what type of storage, how many, and what size of bins you would need for each like item. This can save you lots of money when trying to get organized. Because at this point you are only buying what you actually need.

Declutter, Declutter your home, declutter and organize


Honestly, for me it takes a couple run throughs before I really get stuff down. I tend to sort and get rid of the easy stuff. But there are always things you just are not sure you a ready to get rid of. As long as that does not end up being everything then I would say this is ok. It’s a process and a lot of us need time to mentally prepare. An idea I like to try is do a “test run” of getting rid of it. Place the items you aren’t sure about in a bin or bag in the basement or something for a little while. Then if you don’t miss it then you can get rid of it.

What space in your home tends to hold the most clutter?

Need a little boost with your decluttering and organization. Take this 5 Day Declutter Challenge!




  1. Heather Johnson

    My third is due later this fall. I have been working on cleaning, decluttering, and organizing my house over the past few weeks. I am almost done, with just the basement and my hubby’s closet to finish.

  2. Claudia Krusch

    I love to declutter and organize. I try to do a donation run once a month to help me get rid of the clutter and stay organized.

  3. Krysten

    I need to declutter my entire life right now, I feel like the clutter has taken over and it gives me such anxiety. Thank you for the tips, I hope they help!

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    Decluttering is important and can indeed save you time with organizing things in to containers. It is so much faster to look for something when it has a place. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

  5. Joanna

    Thank you for the great tips on decluttering! I am always making sure to throw away things I don’t need or use, so I have more room for the things I like! 😉

  6. Alayna

    Organizing is my favorite thing to do! I agree that getting rid of clutter is different than just organizing the clutter! A great post and very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. rhewi montemayor

    What an awesome tips I love to be more organized especially our house but I have 2 toddler and always makes our home messy

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