Detox Diets: Are They Really Worth It?

Guest Post by ​Enozia Vakil

I am excited to have Enozia post on my blog today! She is a fellow blogger who has a lot of great advise with health and beauty. Today, she is sharing her views on detox diets. I hope you find it as insightful as I do!


With the widespread consumption of unhealthy foods filled with unsaturated fats and whatnot, the term ‘detox diet’ has gained quite popularity, with a lot of people reporting that it works, and a lot of people reporting that it doesn’t. In the end, we’re here to answer the simple question: “Are detox diets really worth it?” Let’s find out!

I’ve Heard That They Work!

Not only studies but science enthusiasts argue that a ‘detox diet’ isn’t going to do you any good because in the end, your body already has the best detox organs there is. From the liver to the kidneys to your very own heart, all play a role in getting rid of the toxins in some manner. Sure, eating healthy and exercising regularly will allow your body to function properly and hence detox you but all of those detox diets including a bunch of different pills/foods to have is not worth it.

Colon cleansing, something that is usually followed with a detox diet, is equally dangerous can be accompanied with side effects like dehydration, vomiting, bloating, cramping and many many more.

What Do The Experts Suggest?

But if for some reason you don’t think your body can handle it, it’s no reason to lean towards detox diets. Depending on your plan, studies have found out that detox diets provide no benefit to your body in flushing out toxins even if it is a natural one. You can expect some weight loss and a very dissatisfied palate after you do it but more often than not you’ll gain that weight back. Also, you’ll feel tired and lethargic all day if you follow certain diets that limit your intake of protein, a good source of energy for your body. So whether it’s that progresso soup diet, apple diet or whatever- you’re better off sticking to the basics.

Can People With a Condition Follow a Detox Diet?

It’s not useful if you’re suffering from some kind of condition, either. Contrary to the popular belief, going for a detox diet poses no noteworthy benefits in relieving blood pressure or maintaining heart health. If anything, they can be dangerous for people with certain conditions like diabetes which could seriously lower the sugar level of your blood to a hazardous one if you’re on medications.

But My Neighbor Says It Worked For Them!

Whatever your friends and those close to you might suggest about its effectiveness on how it makes them feel better and more energetic, scientists suggest that it’s partly due to the placebo effect and partly due to the fact that your body doesn’t have to deal with any ingested processed foods so it can deal with the toxins that are already there and flush it out, something that’ll also work if you just stop eating processed food.

The Bottom Line

So, in a nutshell, the best way to detox your body is to keep your body healthy. There’s absolutely no need to buy crazy pills or only eat an apple everyday for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all of those other hyped-up notions. Believe in yourself, and trust that your vital organs are more than enough to flush those toxins out.


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  1. Tiffany

    I struggle with the excitement that a detox diet will work for me, but I know that the second I return to my old ways, I’ll sabotage much of what the detox even accomplished. So sad!

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