Never “Clean” Your Bathroom Again

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Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing to do. I have 1 full bath and 2 half baths, that’s 3 toilets!

I used to have a cleaning schedule (you can read about that here) where every Wednesday I would spend 1 Р2 hours cleaning all 3 bathrooms. This worked out well for the most part but that was a big chunk of the day that I spent cleaning.

I started working out some adjustments that would help me “never” clean my bathroom. I am able to accomplish this by always having a clean bathroom. If you don’t let it get dirty then you won’t need to clean it. I have been working this way for a couple months now, and it really has been working out. Is it perfect? No, but it’s a lot better.

Here are some things that have worked for me so far.

1. Declutter

This is the most important step. Keep only what you really need or use. Keep what you use daily in an easy spot that is as put away as possible. The cleaner your counter is the easier it will be to wipe down.

2. Make Sure Everything Has A Home

The key here is to keep this as simple as possible. Keep the things you need and use in an easily accessible place. The harder it is to “put away” the less likely it will get put away. Maximize space by using drawer organizers and command hooks. Find a solution for under you sink that will really work for you. Find a way to stack as much as you can. Not only will keeping things put away make cleaning easier and quicker it will make your space feel bigger.

3. Keep Cleaning Supplies In The Bathroom

All my cleaning supplies used to live in the linen closet in the hallway. This often lead to my procrastinating on cleaning something because of the extra step. I know it seems silly, I cant walk down the hallway and get something, but when your busy it just helps to have everything right there ready to use.

4. Tub/Shower

Now that you have as much clutter and stuff put away we can focus on the cleaning part. The tub and shower is my least favorite thing to clean. I actually picked this tip up years ago and have been doing it ever since. This was my start to keeping my bathroom clean so I didn’t have to clean.

Keep a scrubbing wand in the shower full of vinegar and dawn dish soap. Then while you are in the shower you can scrub down every few days and keep the shower clean. I find this especially useful when rinsing out hair color! Then, I can spot clean while I am in there to avoid possible staining. I also keep a magic eraser in reach for tough spots.

Make sure you have one in each shower/bath that you have. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring it in the shower with you.

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5. The Toilet Bowl

Keep a toilet brush by each toilet. I like to use the wands with the flushable scrubbers that already have the soap mixed in. This makes it a simple one step and saves on storage. Once a week or when when your toilet starts to look dirty take the wand and scrub the toilet, flush the scrubbing pad and your done! Takes 5 seconds.

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6. Counters And Other Surfaces.

Keep something that is super easy to access that you can use to wipe down your counters and other surfaces. I personally use my homemade reusable wipes and a few Microfiber Cleaning Towelsto wipe down different surfaces.

Every evening after my nightly routine, in my main bathroom, I wipe down my counter and sink plus one item. Baseboards, outside of tub, mirror, ect. This take me maybe 2 minutes a night. My main floor bathroom is right off the kitchen so after kitchen clean up I’ll go in there and do a quick wipe of something. Find which ever routine works for you.

7. Weekly Maintenance

Then once a week I take all towels and wash them and then do the floors. Every other week or so I’ll wash the shower curtain, liner (I am sure it should be more often but it works for me) and floor rugs.

This daily maintenance means I that my bathroom is almost always clean with a couple minutes spent daily cleaning it saving me from doing a weekly “deep” clean. I am sure a few times a year I will still do a complete clean but that is a lot less than the weekly cleaning. It also really helps me clean when it’s actually needed, instead of waiting until my “cleaning day.”


Never Clean your bathroom


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