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My spices and I have been battling for a long time. I do not really enjoy cooking and fighting the cabinet to find what I need adds some extra frustration. So I have been keeping my eyes opened for something that would work.

 I finally found it!!

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Messy Spice Cabinet, Organize Spices

I didn’t like the plain tiered ones because I didn’t feel like it displayed the spices well enough. Even organized spices could easily be knocked when reaching for the back ones.

But then….

I thought I finally found something with this awesome pull down spice rack. Being a little on the shorter side I though this would be great! I could easily pull down and see what I need. Maybe even possible put it on the 2nd shelf so that I can put some other items like cooking spray on the bottom shelf.

Spice Rack, Organize SpicesSpice Rack, Organize Spices

I was all excited and purchased it, then I got home. Well I learned that you really should measure before purchasing. Although the box says fits most cabinets it was about 2 inches too wide for my cabinet.

If your cabinet is 13.5 inches wide this is still a great option, mine is only 12 inches wide so I needed to return it.

Next option was the “on the counter” spice racks. Now I love these and if you have the counter space, great! Keeps them organized and easily accessible. However, with limited counter space this is not the best option for me.

I needed to get creative….

I purchased this Prodyne A-845 Acrylic 20 Bottle Spice Rack. An “on the counter” spice rack that would fit the width of my cabinet. Then decided to actually put it in my cabinet instead of on the counter! And it came with the jars and labels!


So I took out all my spices, took the opportunity to clean my shelves. Then I placed the spices starting with the most used, then the ones in bags, then the ones that may have had more than one container that needed to be combined into the new jars.

Spice Rack, Organize Spices

Spice Rack, Organize Spices

I placed any extra of each spice in the back of the cabinet and then I put the spice rack in front of the extras. Now I have the majority of my spices front in center, labeled, and stacked in an orderly fashion. Yes, they are also in alphabetical order!

Organized Spices, Spice Rack

 It really did work out perfectly!! It makes cooking a slight more bearable!

Now I need to figure out what to do with the top shelf where my cooking sprays and grinders live. I am thinking a turntable… may be my next project. Any suggestions? Comment below!



Organize Your Spices, Kitchen Organization, Spice Cabinet


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  1. Cori

    I’ve got spices in three different places in my kitchen: used everyday; used infrequently but still need; backups for everyday spices (pantry/stockpile). Husband says he wants to do something different, but hasn’t figured out what.

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  2. Ryan

    We have like 50 spices and I only ever use garlic salt and Lowry seasoning salt….and cinnamon if I’m feeling crazy

  3. Elizabeth O

    You did a fantastic job. I love using spices and have quite my share of what I’ve bought locally and internationally. Would be nice to create a rack or two like yours.

  4. Rosey

    Sorry the original didn’t fit. We have limited counter space too. I had a dream about a spice rack, lol. I wonder what that means. Probably means it’s time to go shopping. 🙂

  5. Natalie z

    We are redoing our 1915 kitchen to make it more modern. In order to do that we are having to get smart with our organization since we are removing a cabinet. These are some great suggestions!

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