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I’ll admit it, I like to buy things in bulk and collect travel sized items to make packing easy. Along with that I also have IPSY which gives me lots of fun trail sized items. This leaves me with a collection of small items. Now how to keep this bathroom clutter organized and accessible.

These items are stored in my linen closet and they used to live in this basket I got from the dollar store. Then I was able to get these 3 drawer containers. Which helped a lot, but was still a mess.

Bathroom Organization, Toiletries, Bathroom Clutter OrganizedBathroom Organization, Toiletries, Bathroom Clutter Organized

I got these great little storage bins at the dollar store. The height was perfect to fit into the drawers.

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Bathroom Organization, Toiletries I took everything out and sorted it by type. I separated my husbands stuff and my stuff for traveling. His is the small pile on the left.. hahaha!

Then I just started seeing what would fit into baskets and try to keep them by related items in the drawers. Like a drawer for razors, then one of extra toothbrushes and contacts. Then the 3rd drawer is for other stuff we use at home.

Bathroom Organization, Toiletries Organize Bathroom
Bathroom Organization, Toiletries

The 2nd set of drawers are more for travel supplies. My husband has one drawer so he doesn’t have to sort through all my shampoo and soap options. Then since his stuff didn’t take as much room I added some extra soap in another basket. Then I have my own drawer of travel supplies and the 3rd drawer is for extra chapsticks and things we would both use. Bathroom Organization, Toiletries, Travel ContainersBathroom Organization, Toiletries, Travel Containers
I am a little obsessed with drawer dividers. It keeps thinks in their own place, gives them a specific home so its easy to find. It’s so much better when I do not have to dig through a big basket of mixed things to find what I need.


  1. Holly

    Great idea. I so need this type of organization . I just throw everything into the drawers in hopes that I remember where I placed stuff.

  2. Colleen

    Excellent tip! I have the 3 drawer container. I have cleaned out and tried to organize but the little baskets i see helps even more. I will definitely be putting your tip into practice. Thank you.

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  4. Elizabeth O

    I love drawer dividers even though I haven’t used them in a long while. Seeing yours is a reminder to go out and get some. 🙂

  5. Rosey

    I like this! I like to collect tiny shampoos and such too for when I travel and often have a huge mess under my sink

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