Healthy Breakfast Egg Cups

A healthy breakfast is so important to get your day started. Egg Muffins are a great quick grab in the morning. I spend a little time Sundays making egg cups for the work week for both myself and my husband. It saves so much time in the busy mornings and helps me get the nutrition I need when I am at my least motivated time for cooking.

I use a large muffin pan makes about 6 cups at a time and can hold 2 eggs plus veggies.

Makes 10 servings.


  • Optional: 10 turkey breast slices.
  • 20 eggs
  • 5 cups of veggies I like the below.
    • 2 cups of kale(could also use spinach)
    • 1 cup of mushroom
    • 1 cup of peppers (sometimes I double mushrooms instead of peppers)
    • 1 cup of onion
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Garlic Powder to taste


  1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
  2. Spray 2 large muffin 6 cup trays with cooking spray. Will only need 10 of the 12 cups.
  3. Mix eggs in a large mixing bowl. 20 eggs can be a lot to mix at one time so you can add a view and blend or use an electric mixer.
  4. Add desired amount of salt, pepper, and garlic and mix in.
  5. Chop up all your veggies and spread evenly across all the egg cups.
  6. Pour the mixed eggs into each egg cup evenly.
  7. Place in oven for about 20 minutes. You can cover with foil if you notice the eggs browning too much before the center is cooked.
  8. Check if the center is cooked with a tooth pick. Tooth pick should come out clean.


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