Must Have Work From Home Office Must Haves

Working from home has become a lot more normalized. More people are finding that the need to set up an office space at home. If you are one of those people, this is a list of my work from home office must haves that really help me stay organized, comfortable, and productive.

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A proper desk is beneficial for staying organized and focused. I personally recommend a standing desk if you have the option so that you can take a little time to stretch and move around a bit. I often find this useful during meetings. I will take a call standing which allows me to pace and move a bit. This desk from RealSpace has been great and easy to adjust the heights. It also has a large surface area and is easy to clean.

Monitor Risers are also helpful to make sure you are able to sit in a proper position and not crouched over. I have learned that I prefer the ones that I can slide my keyboard under when necessary. Ones that have a bar in the middle sometimes block me from being able to move my keyboard out of the way if needed.

Another option which would also free up some extra desk space is to use Monitor Arms. These attach to the back of the desk and can often be moved around to best suit your sitting position.

Make sure you have a comfortable keyboard. You are often typing for long periods of time and can cause discomfort with your wrist or hands. Get a keyboard that feels good for you. I personally love this one from Logitech.

Speaking of easy clean, this may not be a must have exactly, but a cute little desk vacuum can help for easy in between cleanups.

Finding a chair that is a right fit for you can greatly improve your workday. I love this mesh chair, I was a little worried about it at first because I had in mind that I needed a squishy leather chair. However, this chair has been amazing for support when sitting on these longer days.

Having a proper organization system is important to increase focus. Controlling your paper clutter is important for clean workspace and easy reference when you need something. Having a file system for paper sorting for in, out, or needs sorted will really help keep you organized. An easy reach desktop file system will make the process simpler.

Drawer management is also really important. If you need to reach for a pen or sticky note you will want to know where everything is. I recommend getting customizable drawer organizers that you can adjust the size. This will help with smaller items such as paper clips, staples, and rubberbands. Everything can be sorted in its slot.

Long term storage process will help keep paper clutter under control. If you need to save papers for taxes or other reasons having storage bins so that you can file and clear your desk. This will help keep only papers you need in your workspace.

With having an office space in your home comes with a lot of cords. Since I have a standing desk, I found it useful to store all my cords in an organizer that actually attaches to my desk. Then I can tuck all the wires in the sleeve and hide it away. I also recommend keeping as much off the floor as possible to make cleaning your space easy. This cable management organizer fits my desk perfectly and hides the cord mess behind the screen.

Have a planner! Working from home can be very distracting, especially if there is anyone else in the house while you are working. Finding a great planner whether paper or virtual will help you know exactly what you need to do and when. This can help you refocus if you get distracted.

There are also reusable planner options that can really help with reducing paper clutter! This one you can use then scan to digital when done. Then erase and restart! I like this idea because I do most things digitally but really like having a notebook for general ideas and easy reference.

On the reusable topic, there are also reusable sticky notes and to do lists!

Have you ever been in a meeting and accidentally hit the camera button? Working from home sometimes means you may still be in your PJs or haven’t spent time on your hair and makeup for the day. These camera covers are amazing for preventing being on camera when you didn’t mean to be!

For more on decluttering and organizing, here is a complete guide on organizing your home.

Are there any office must haves that are extra important to you?

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