10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a great day to just share with your mom how much you appreciate her. But what do you get her? She has all the nick nacks and things she could ever need. Below are some unique usable gifts that almost any mom would use!

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Cleaning Services

This is my personal favorite! It’s such a unique great idea that really anyone would love. A Cleaning service is great for a one time spring cleaning trip or you can even schedule frequent visits to touch up. This is something that is perfect for the mom that works full time or perhaps has a hard time with daily tasks such as vacuuming.


Books are a great gift for the Mom that reads. Whether those are books on paper or a kindle so that you can have a whole library at your fingertips!


There are so many good books out there! Sometimes you don’t have time to sit and read. The good thing about audiobooks is you can listen to them while cleaning, driving, and even sometimes while working. I personally like to listen to them to fall asleep to. This makes a great gift for the busy mom who may need to multitask a little to get in her favorite books!

Painting with a Twist

I love this idea, I love the idea of experiences being a gift verse material things. Painting with a twist is a fun activity that you can even do with her! Go out enjoy painting and a glass or two of wine and have a great night out.

Hand Wrapped Jewelry

This would be a beautiful unique gift for anyone. Hand wrapped jewelry is a fun way to get something unique. You can often customize it to get a stone or wire that is something you know your mom would love!

Hand Made Mugs

Another great item to get for the tea or coffee drinking moms. I beautiful piece of art that you can also enjoy a cozy drink from.

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements is such a fun gift! It’s a bouquet of food, who doesn’t love food! Beautiful fruits sometimes chocolate covered make a great bouquet you can eat.



A Roomba or another type of robot vacuum is on my want list for sure. Perfect for the furbaby mom’s, a little robot that can go around all day and suck up cat and dog fur! Imagine the dust bunnies that would disappear.

Ceramic Knives

Great gift for anyone that loves to cook and evenbetter for those who don’t. Ceramic knives make prepping food so much easier. They really do slice through almost anything easily.

A Day at the Spa

Any women would love a Spa Day. This is something you could maybe do together and make a great day out of it or something Mom can do on her own and just relax and have time for herself. Either way it is a great option for any mom to be pampered and relax for some time.


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  1. lex

    every gift item listed here is just so cool, every mother who receives any of them is sure a good mother. how i wish my mum was alive to receive one of these wonderful gifts from me.

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      Hahaha right! I think it’s in a lot of us, so hard to spend money on something like that for yourself when there are other priorities. It’s a great gift to get a little spoiled.

  2. Rets

    You have an awesome list! I think a day at the spa would be the best because I know it’s hard to be a mom and she deserves a day pampering herself! hihi


  3. bel

    I saw cleaning and in my mind i was like “Finally!” I’m just a college student but it sounds superb to me. Sincerely someone should just gift me already.

  4. L.C. @ A Life of Authenticity

    Oh my goodness, this is a great list. I hadn’t decided what to get my mom, but since she will be visiting me this year around Mother’s Day I can definitely do one of these….my favorite is the paint and wine event. Thank you for the great idea!

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