Free Or Low Cost Things To Do In The Summer

Low Cost Things To Do

I love summer time. This is definitely when I am the most active. Which can also be pretty costly if you don’t pay attention. Below are some free or low cost things to do in the summer and still have fun!


This is probably my biggest go to when I want to get out on the weekend. All basic hiking requires is good shoes, water, pack, and some first aid. It is easy to get up and go. It is also very good for you to get out into nature.

Free or Low Cost, Things To Do In The SummerNote: This post may contain affiliate links. To learn more read here.

Local Events

Look around for local events. A lot of cities and towns do Arts, Music, or Craft festivals. Some will even have fun things like Movies in the Park or Guided Hikes

Stroll Around the City

We moved near Pittsburgh, PA just over a year ago and we spend some weekends just strolling the city. It’s very interesting to just take your time and actually look at some of the sculptures, parks, and unique buildings around town.

Free or Low Cost, Things To Do In The Summer

Swimming Spots

Do you have a local lake or river you can go swimming in? Even a nice creek could be fine to hunt for salamanders or crayfish. If not check out local pools they often have summer passes that are a great deal if you plan on frequenting.

A Trip to the Park

Go to the park and just take a walk and enjoy the sights. Take a picnic and make it a date. Or a book and enjoy some sun and a good read.

Frisbee or Disc Golf

This one may take some upfront investment for the discs. However, I have seen many parks with great disc golf courses. This would be fun to do with family or a group of friends to get out for the day.

Water Balloon Fights

A hot day with the kids? You can get water balloons fairly cheap. Have a water balloon battle. Maybe even set up mini forts!

Start a Garden

I like the idea of this because it can be a fun daily hobby. You can grow vegetables that you like to eat daily and maybe save a little grocery money. You can even buy a garden starter kit to keep things simple


This one has been around for awhile and took me to some cool places! For this you just need to log into the geocaching website and have a GPS that you can enter coordinates. You look up places a geocache is hidden in your area on the website. Then go on the hunt to see if you can find it! Sign your name and trade treasure.

Yard Games

Don’t really feel like leaving the house? Get some yard games to play and be active outdoors!

Board Games

If it’s a rainy day then take the games inside. Play some board games, have some snacks, and lots of fun! We actually enjoy playing Dominoes outside in the evenings and have a little drink.Free or Low Cost, Things To Do In The Summer

If you can’t decide what you want to do try making an activities jar! To learn more about it check out this post.

What are some of your favorite low cost things to do in the summer?



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  2. Blair villanueva

    These ideas are cool! Indeed there are many ways to enjoy summer without breaking the bank. Just be creative and imaginative.

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