Declutter and Minimalism

Guest Post by Declutter With Me

I am excited to share this post today! Declutter with me shares some amazing tips on clutter and really helps you think through some of the reasons you may be keeping clutter.

We are all living with so much stuff in our lives, not only in our houses, but in our work spaces, in our cars, in our finances, in our relationships and in our minds.  We need to declutter and live more minimally and appreciate blank space. 

Nothing changes, if nothing changes’, read that quote again and you will quickly realise that if you do not make a change your life will just continue to be one big mess.  Do you know that most Australian houses have $4500 worth of unused junk just sitting around, imagine what you could do with this money.  We are literally turning into a nation of junk junkies.  We have this habit of seeing a bargain and not being able to see that it is still us spending money and creating more junk.  If you buy a dress on sale for $25, that you did not need but was originally $50, you did not save $25, you spent $25. Do you see, that is the mentality many of us have.  See a bargain and grab it.

There seems to be instilled in us a habit of not being able to throw things away, from shoes to phones even after their life has come to an end.  You might be asking me what is clutter, or how do I know?  Well when your stuff is not serving you any longer, is not being valued or appreciated, it is clutter.  When you cannot see the floor in your study due to the fact that there is a multitude of things claiming that space, that is clutter.  When your cannot park your car in the garage, that is clutter.

The most troubling item for people to get rid of is clothes, generally due to the fact that many people believe that they will fit back into them one day. But the problem with this is not only the clutter it makes in your cupboard but also the mental clutter it creates in your mind, causing you to  stress because you wish you could wear it.  Regift clothes, especially if you have not worn them, tie them in a bow and repurpose them, so ,u h of our landfill can be attributed to clothing going in our trash bins.

Another tip from me is to find a home for your items straight away and if you cannot, then it does not have a place and you need to get rid of it. When we start Decluttering, one of the first things we need to establish is where the item goes, it needs a home to make it not clutter. It needs a space to call home so that not only you know where it goes but so do the other people present in your house.

Do you need to declutter you might be asking?  The answer is yes, everyone does, in all areas of their life. Life is too short to be cluttered by stuff.  You need to own your time now and be present in the moment and too much stuff hampers this.  Another aspect to the decluttering process is minimalism. When I learnt about this movement it literally changed my whole world.  Do not think minimalism is just about having white walls and all this bare space, it is so much more than that. It is a whole mindset shift that can be adapted to every part of your life.  It is all about living with less and really appreciating people and experiences then stuff.  Two guys called The Minimalists, started this movement about 10 years ago and have a very large following and definitely worth you checking out. 

You do not have to be extreme and have one plate, one cup, one bowl or get rid of your book collection.  Minimalism comes in different forms and you can certainly be a minimalist in most of your life but yet have an area that is given a bit of lee way.  You make up your own rules and then stick to it.  This is where I can help you stay on top of it and live your best life…’Less, but better’.

‘Come and declutter your life with me and learn how to live with less and appreciate blank space.’

I put out blogs every Monday and Thursday on decluttering your life and really just taking back your life from your stuff.

Please contact me at where I can send you information on coaching/mentoring packages, a FaceTime/Skype 1 hour consultation, 12 week course to start your decluttering process.


  1. Dalene Ekirapa

    I’ve been trying to embrace minimalism as much as I can and I’m glad I’m already doing it right especially with our house. Less stuff and no clutter means easy to clean; just as a love it.

  2. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled

    There are hoarders in every city and country so it is not only in Australia. In the last few years, I have become very intentional about what I bring home. Despite the available technology, people still find it important to give out printed material by the truckload. So, I have reduced my shopping habits significantly and said no to so many freebies.

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