How to Become a Better Version of Yourself

Guest Post By: Divine

Sometimes people miss opportunities to fully live their lives because they do not know who they are or have created stories for themselves. Find first who you are not before finding out who you really are. You are allowed to become a new and better version of yourself as much as you will need to. Becoming a better version of yourself means changing your habits, taking some risks and thinking differently. Here are 7 ways to become a better version of yourself.

  1. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

The first step in becoming a better version of yourself is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Make a list of the things you are good at, the things you do well and you are passionate about. Don’t underestimate your natural talents because they are yours and you are the only one who can fully use them in a creative way. Moreover, recognize your weaknesses be true to yourself and make a list of your weaknesses the goal is not to be perfect but to improve and make yourself better. If you cannot find any of your weaknesses, ask a close friend or someone who truly know you to help you identify your weaknesses. Find ways to improve on your weaknesses and don’t be too hard on yourself. Change takes time, celebrate all the small wins you are a work in progress.

  • Take care of yourself and love yourself

The same love you freely give to people, you also need that. We tend to forget to take care of our own emotional, spiritual and physical well-being because we are too busy taking care of others. You will only love others better if you love and take care of yourself first. Self-love is important, pay attention to what you say, think and how you act, self-love without self-awareness is useless. Being around people who truly love you is great for your well-being.  

  • Forgive and let go of anger

Uncontrollable anger can destroy relationships and create problems. Anger can affect your health in a negative way. Let go of all that anger, forgive yourself, you are not the mistakes you have made, you are not your failures. Forgive others too. By not forgiving others you are holding yourself back. Forgive them, wish them well and pray for them, by forgiving them you are freeing yourself. Learn from your past experiences and move on with your life. Free yourself.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is a beautiful and safe place to be but with no growth. It gives you an illusion of a fulfil life while you are capable of doing greater things, doing things you cannot even imagine. Being stuck in your comfort zone with the same routines is dangerous and a handicap to your growth and self-fulfilment. Put your limiting beliefs aside and fears which serve you no good and get out of your comfort zone. Start by doing one thing you have always wanted to do but you were too scared by the idea of doing it. Take it one step at the time, getting out of your comfort zone is not as easy as it sound, it is not an overnight thing. It will take time to out of your comfort zone.

  • Be open to change and educate yourself

 Broaden your perspectives, be ready to take risks and create your own opportunities. Be open to change, it will allow you to grow because you will experience new things and it will also help boost your self-confidence. Moreover, educate yourself, don’t stop learning, education doesn’t stop by submitting an assignment or doing your daily task at work. Education goes beyond that, what kind of content are you consuming during your free time? Keep on learning new thing, don’t limit yourself. The world is interconnected, be aware of the different cultures, people and learn about everything you are interested in. This will help you gain more knowledge and be open minded.

Everyone has a different journey make sure you enjoy the process and do what feels natural to you.

Till next time..

Be yourself.  

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