Bathroom Organization – Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom can be challenging to keep organized. We often need to fit a lot of stuff in such a small space. This is one of the most lived in rooms we have! There are a lot of different solutions we can use to maximize this space and control the clutter.

When thinking of storage solutions, especially in smaller spaces, think up. In the bathroom one of the easiest places to add storage would be over the toilet. There are many options for this area. There are shelves you hang above your toilet. Or that can sit just behind the toilet without needing to install anything into the wall. There is opened and closed storage solutions.

Think about what you would store here, if its just a few jars or some decor then open storage may be nice. Then you can decorate with some candles or photos to warm the place up.

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Bathroom Shelves Wall Mounted 2 Tiered – A two or three tiered shelf could be used to store Q-tip containers or tissues to help clean up the counter by the sink. These can also double has a hand towel rack.

3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet – A simple over the toilet stand is another great option that will add additional storage without needing to put holes in the wall. Perfect for renters!

If you are planing on using it to maintain more of your little items that tend to look cluttered, closed storage may be a better solution. Perfect for makeup, perfumes, and hair products.

Cottage Collection Wall Cabinet with towel bar or a wall cabinet without a towel bar will work great for the smaller things. A lot of the options also have an opened shelf you can use for more decorative items.

There are also lots of options for those who prefer not to install something into the wall. Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet with glass doors is a beautiful option.

Under a bathroom sink is usually a big challenge. It’s a small awkward space. However, with the right tools you can really maximize the space that you do have.

Door hanging shelf organizers. Take advantage of the door. There are shelves that are easy to hang just over the door, which are prefect for your most used items. Like this Over Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage.

The 3M company, makers of the command hooks, also make command shelves, that are perfect inside the door or even on the cabinet wall.

In the cabinet itself, think stackable shelves or tall drawers, creating as much storage with height as possible.

Stackable 3 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer – this is great for containing smaller bathroom items. I like drawers in lower areas because you need to bend over to get stuff. Being able to pull them out is very helpful for finding what you need easily.

Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer – something like this is great if you do not have a lot of room to work with and you are working around your plumbing. This allows some customization so you can make it fit with your under sink lay out.

A medicine cabinet is the most efficient storage for the bathroom. If you have just a flat mirror and you have the option to change it and need the storage, this is a great way to add storage. Being able to hide stuff behind a mirror you are already going to need in your bathroom is a perfect way to add storage. There are options with some external shelves so some of your most used items are a little more accessible.

Then there are the more traditional options, some that you can even set into the wall if that is an option for you. This allows your mirror to still appear flat.

If you like to utilize your counter top, there are a variety of ways to contain the items on your counters to keep them looking organized.

Hair Styling Station Bathroom Vanity Countertop Organizer – is a great way to add a little height storage, with your essentials. Hair dryer, straightener, and possible hair brushes. Every day make up would also be great in here.

Makeup Organizer Adjustable Professional Makeup Organizer – would be great if you have a lot of makeup or little things you need to contain in a smaller space.

Your bathroom door is also a great way to add some additional storage. This has a lot of flexibility to adding jewelry, makeup, or towel storage.

Over The Door Combination Jewelry and Makeup Armoire – something like this is perfect for a mirror, jewelry, makeup, or perfumes. Browse around there are different set ups within these jewelry mirror cabinets, so you can find the right fit for you.

Another great use for behind the door storage is towel hooks. This one with the shelves above the towels is perfect to store extra soap, shampoo, or lotions. They would also be great for washcloths and hand towels.

If you can find some floor space there are also smaller pieces you can add that can create great storage.

There is often a small gap between the toilet and your sink, this is a great spot to get a very narrow storage system. Something like this
Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet, which can hold extra toilet paper or personal feminine products.

If you have the space just a nice 4 Tier Small Seagrass Basket Storage to hold different items you use every day. Or if you prefer more of a closed cabinet, this Caraway Floor Cabinet is great and will also give you a little more counter space.

For more on decluttering and organizing, here is a complete guide on organizing your home.

There are lots of creative ways to maximize space with in your bathroom. When making sure you are organized it really makes keeping clean much easier. A bathroom is really one room you want to make sure you can clean as easily as possible! Check out my post on keeping your bathroom clean here.

What are some creative ways you are able to organize your bathroom?

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